Pen Making Supplies

This is basically a list of the stuff that you'll need to get started in making pens. I bought my first batch of stuff from Lee Valley, so I included links to the Lee Valley items.

Ballpoint Twist Hardware
Pencil Hardware
Pen Blanks
7mm Brad Point Drill Bit
7mm Pen Mill
Mandrel and Bushings
3/4" Forged HSS Gouge
Sand Paper
Contour Sanding Grips
Turner's Polish
Wood Turner's Wax Stick

The cheapest place I've found for ordering pen kits is from a company called WoodTurningz, run by Ryan Polokoff. Ryan can be reached by email at or by phone at (888) 736-5487. Ryan also carries the full line from Penn State Industries. If you mention me, you'll get a discount for orders over $75.00.

When I was making lots of pens, I managed to find a guy named Bruce Beckman, aka "The Woodman" on eBay selling lots of interesting blanks. However, I haven't seen any sign of Bruce recently. I have noticed that WoodTurningz is now selling blanks as well.

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