S-Record parsing routines

While working with the Mini RoboMind I was playing around with some of the TPU stuff and needed a way to load my TPU image into memory. So I wrote some code which would take an S-Record file produced by the TPU tools and convert it into some a C code data array, that I could then copy into memory.

In the event that somebody else finds these routines to be useful, I decided to publish them here.

These have only been compiled and tested using Visual Studio 6, running under Win 2k/XP.

srec.h  Header file for the core parsing class
srec.cpp  Source for the main parser
srecinfo.cpp  My first program using the routines.
srec2c.cpp  Program for converting into a C data array
srec2bin.cpp  Program for converting to raw binary
SRecMem.h  Support file that goes along with srec2c
TPU_ALL.S19  Sample S-Record file (I have no idea what it does)
TPU_ALL.c  Output from running 'srec2c TPU_ALL.S19 TPU_ALL.c xxx'
srecinfo.dsw  Visual Studio 6 Workspace
SRec2Bin.dsp  Project file for SRec2Bin
SRec2C.dsp  Project file for SRec2C
srecinfo.dsp  Project file for srecinfo
srec.zip  Zip file containing all of the above files

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