Open files from the command line

I really like using the command line. Occasionally, I'll be in a directory and I'll want to launch the program which is associated with a file (like launch MS-Word to open foo.doc). In Windows Explorer, you just double click and it happens.

This is my solution for opening files from the command line. It uses the ShellExecute function and works with directories as well as files. I like using cygwin so the cygwin version translates the path passed in (it's aware of symbolic links, the mount table, etc.). This way any cygwin style path will yield the expected behaviour. The Win32 version does no translation.

The cygwin version of open.exe was built using an older cygwin1.dll (prior to 1.5) but it works fine with the 1.5 version as well.

This program has only been tested under Windows 2000 and Windows XP.

open.exe  Cygwin version of the executable
open.exe  Win32 version of the executable
open.cpp  The source code
getopt.c  Standard command line parsing
getopt.h  Standard command line parsing
makefile  makefile for building cygwin version  makefile for building Win32 version (works with make or nmake)
open.tar.gz  Tar file containing all of the above files  Zip file containing all of the above files

 Usage: open [-vh] [-d dir] [-p params] file ...
   -h        Print this screen
   -v        Verbose mode
   -d dir    Sets the current directory to 'dir'
   -p params Passes 'params' (only for executables)

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Copyright 2006 by Dave Hylands