BootHost - MegaLoad compatible boot loader

I really like using a bootloader. In this case, the bootloader allows new programs to be downloaded over the serial port.

BootHost is compatible with the 2.3 version of the MeagLoad bootloader found on the MegaBitty and the one Larry Barello provides for the ARC.

The thing that I really like about BootHost is that it also behaves like a terminal program and allows output on the serial port to be displayed, and allows keypresses to be sent to the AVR.

If you don't specify a file to download on the command line, then BootHost will instruct the boot loader to execute, and will then behave like a terminal program.

BootHost understands Intel Hex files (ihex from objcopy) and Motorola S-Record files (srec from objcopy).

Curently, BootHost can only download flash, and can't download eeprom.

    Usage: BootHost  
      Download a program via serial using MegaLoad
      -b, --baud=baud   Set the baudrate used
      -h, --help        Display this message
      -m, --megaload    Use megaload 2.3 protocol
      -s, --stk500      Use stk500 bootloader protocol (default)
      -v, --verbose     Turn on verbose messages
When specifying a port, you need to use a port name which is compatible with cygwin. Cygwin considers all of the following to be COM1:
  • com1
  • /dev/com1
  • /dev/ttyS0
Note that these are case sensitive.

This program was compiled and tested using cygwin (version 1.5.13). If you don't have cygwin installed on your machine, then you'll need to download the cygwin1.dll as well. (59K)  Zip file containing BootHost.exe (73K)  Zip file containing the source files and Makefile.
BootHost.exe (199K)  Win32 version of the program. (2.0M)  Version 2.3 of MegaLoad.
cygwin1.dll (1.1M)  cygwin DLL required by BootHost.exe (522K)  zip file containing cygwin1.dll

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