I put together a Drill Conversion chart which includes fractional size, numbered sizes, lettered sizes and metric sizes, all with their decimal equivalents, sorted by size. Available in PDF and Excel formats.

Feeds and Speeds for HSS Drills Reamers and Taps.


I combined several pages from here into PDF and Excel formats.

A nice Tap and Drill Guide from Greenfield.

End Mills

End Mill Feeds and Speeds and the associated Cutting Fluids.

A variety of Formulas

Lathe Toolbits

Toolbit Grinding - Toolbit Shapes - Turning Tool Angles


Ever wonder what the proper names are for all of those nuts and bolts? has some really nice Printable Charts.

Stanley Industries has a useful page on Dowel Pins. There are also useful pages on many other types of fasteners. Note: I haven't purchased anything from these guys, but they have some neat information.


Morse Taper - Jacobs Taper

Wood Working Related

I work with wood as well, so this Lumber Chart for ranking various attributes and machining operations.

Wood Screw pilot hole sizes.

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